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The Past is Based on the Present

             The experiences in our past lives shape the way we live today. The same can be held true for the world of politics and international relations. The present system of the world is established on what happened centuries ago. To follow from that, what happened fifty- six years ago - the end of World War II. There was no turning back.
             At the end of the Second World War, whole countries were left in disarray and destruction. Economies were reduced to rubble, as was most of Europe. Twenty years after the First World War had come to an end, realists has shown that the human element of greed and annihilation was too much for the Fourteen Points; World War 2 being the obvious and excruciatingly painful proof. The leaders of the nations specifically, the United states and Russia - realized that measures had to be taken, to ensure that no such war would ever happen again. However the direction in which matters are moving today there could very well be another World War with the latest horrifying terrorist attacks on America. At that time the new Super Powers were wary of each other, and the new found strengths that both had; the United States, (the more dominant force along with Britain and France, had a prominent place in Western Europe, while the Soviets were the undisputed and sole rulers of Eastern Europe. A New World was the phoenix that emerged out of the ashes and smoke of World War II, a world where two large and colossal countries were bitter adversaries, both with nuclear weapons. It was Capitalism vrs Communism. Ironically, it was not the godless, evil communists that had used a nuclear weapon, rather the Democratic peace- loving nation that bombed the two civilian cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki using atomic bombs.
             World War 2 had made the United States and Russia the two most powerful countries in the world. Yet another irony both super powers did not want another war to start but they were plunging themselves into another war the Cold War.

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