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Early New England and the Chesapeake Regions

            After leaving for political motives in the 1600s, English immigrants developed in the New England and Chesapeake regions allowing them to form two different distinct societies, one based on religious reform and the other for personal economic enhancement. With these reasons people headed for the New England region wanted to completely separate themselves from the Church of England while those headed for the Chesapeake region wanted the gold that was rumored to be in the land in vast abundance. These early settlers established and evolved two societies that shaped the course of early America.
             Settling in the New World could provide enhances to England which prompted early colonization of the Chesapeake. If England's colonies were successful it allowed for new lands for the unemployed to work. These new settlements would also give a boost to population by means of cultivation and transforming land into pastures. The need to also weaken the superpower, Spain was a large reason for creating colonies as well as the personal need for a greater degree of political freedom than England offered.
             Colonists bound for New England were in search for one primary purpose--religious reform. During this time English leaders viewed any protest or refusal to follow the Anglican Church as betrayal which lead to many wanting to escape persecution. Most New England--if not all--were built solely on "pure biblical teaching" rather than Anglican tradition. As shown by The Puritan Migration to America, the religious colonies of Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, and Connecticut were formed. These people that settled in the New England region brought along, according to Ship's List of Emigrants, John Porter, their families. With this information one can infer that these new colonists were planning on staying in the New World. By bringing along wives and children it suggests, particularly pertaining to this document, that these newcomers not only wanted to stay permanently in the New World, but to also build new lives for their families.

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