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Clean Water and the Pollution Problem

            Water is a necessity for survival and all too often we take it for granted. According to current scientific evidence and research, we don't know of any living thing that does not need water to stay alive. Three fourths of the earth is covered by water, and it is constantly getting polluted by human beings. Only one percent of all the water on earth is actually drinkable. We rely on clean water in order to live and function properly, but the pollutants in our already limited supply of water is getting worse and worse over time. There are a lot of different types of water pollution. Human and animal waste, sewers, chemical waste from factories, fertilizer and pesticides, oil spills, and sediments from construction sites are all huge contributors to water pollution. If water pollution increases throughout the years, people and other living things, such as plants and animals, are more likely to suffer from illness, diseases, and eventually even death. It is extremely important that we take care of the precious small amount of water that we have. We should do everything we can to keep it as clean as possible. Dirty water is the world's biggest health risk and it can also affect other life forms negatively. In addition to these two reasons, we should also remember that pollution is something that has and probably will always occur, but we should be aware of the contaminants that go into our water and try to limit their amounts so we can keep it, and ourselves safe.
             Contrary to the belief of many, pollution is not a recent issue. In fact, pollution has been a problem as far back as history is recorded. During the Middle Ages, many diseases, including typhoid fever broke out across Europe because of pollution caused by human and animal waste and trash. During the 1800s, people discovered that the sickness and disease going around was because of contaminants caused by their own waste. This realization motivated many big cities to find ways to control the waste.

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