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Disaster Management Strategies

             This paper explores disaster management in response to varied homeland emergencies such as: chemical and biological scenarios, first responders, homeland security strategy, weapon delivery, and the national response plan. We have learned over time by way of trial and error that it is highly irrational to expect everything to be perfect and appropriate during disaster management. At best, we can simply hope for controlled chaos during the various phases of disaster. Today, there are significantly improved plans, the plan is well communicated, and it is being revised continuously to meet the changing needs of people and the environment. Advancements in disaster management no longer rely on the concert of haphazardly executed activities that result in poor use of resources, time, and casualties. However, the today's disaster management plans and strategies attempt to be holistic in all phases of preparedness, response, and recovery. .
             Chemical Scenarios.
             The fast growth of the industrial economy, technology, and the resounding threat of terrorist attacks have caused chemical and biological disaster management to be an emerging public health concern. Chemical-related injuries and deaths occurrences have led to the demand from the public towards governing authorities to strengthen controls at the national and international levels. The demand to strengthen controls for chemical and biological disasters is largely achieved through the development of laws and regulations that shape how to firmly control major hazards and manage business practices. The public health infrastructures must be prepared to prevent illness and injury that may result from chemical and biological accidents or terrorism, especially an unanticipated terrorist attacks. As with epidemic diseases, early detection and control of chemical and biological attacks depends on a strong and flexible public health system and governing controls at the local, state, and federal levels that are in coordination.

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