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disaster recovery plan

             American Carpet Company that is based in the U.S depends on the computer - supported information processing this will continue to increase in the Organizations throughout the company. The purpose is, it needs an Institute's Business Continuity Plan in a design to reduce the risk to an acceptable level by ensuring the restoration of Critical processing within 2 hours, and all essential production within two week(s) of the outage.
             The business continuity plan is observed to let the functions that are critical to the American Carpet Company and the resources required to support them. The plan provides guidelines for ensuring that the resources are available for both disaster preparation and the proper steps will be carried out to permit the timely restoration of service.
             This Business Continuity Plan identifies the tasks of the Business Continuity Management Team, whose goal is to set up Institute level procedures to make sure the continuity of American Carpet Company serves its purpose. In the occasion of a disaster touching any of the useful areas, the Business Continuity Management Team serves as a connection between the areas.
             The document serves a major role to define procedures a contingency plan to recover the disruption of computer and network services. This interference may come from total ruins of the central site or from incidents that are minor to the business. The objectives of this plan are limited to the computing support that is handed to the American Carpet Company clients. Areas that are not addressed are functions not directly tied to computer and telephone support by American Carpet Company. .
             Also offices at the American Carpet Company should developed there own preparation to deal with manual operation within their office if a computer and/or network service is disturbed. Also service contracts are maintained under the daily operation of the Company under the stewardship of American Carpet Company.

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