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The True Story of Christopher Columbus

            The Truth Behind The Columbus Story.
             In order for the human race to progress from a savage nation into a civilization Christopher Columbus' actions were not necessary, but he was not a rapacious man either. For Columbus to achieve his goals he needed the Arawak natives help. How he got their help may seem brutal or savage like, but he used the methods that were known to him. Therefore, Morison is right for burying the story of genocide inside a more important story of human progress. When telling a story it is better to omit certain facts in order for a more important story to thrive. Throughout Columbus story there is a sense of hero worshipping, which contributes to the idea of American Mythology. The idea of American Mythology creates a feeling of nationalism and of patriotic pride. Moreover hiding genocide and all other atrocities should be viewed as a positive and not a negative. Conclusively throughout the "1492" Poem Christopher Columbus' savagery is omitted to show a heroic man who progressed the human race.
             Based upon the veneration Columbus receives in the "1492" Poem, the idea of hero worshipping is perpetuated. The idea of hero worshipping is when a person shows obsessive admiration for someone, imagining that they have qualities that are better than anyone else. The poem of 1492's sole purpose is to glorify Columbus and the accomplishments he made. Throughout the poem Christopher Columbus is portrayed as a hero, or someone who needs to be worshipped. A hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. "He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain." ("1492" 4) This quote conveys that Columbus had to sail through storms and turbulent weather in order to achieve his goal. People worship Columbus for being courageous and willing to endure an arduous journey in order to accomplish his main objectives.

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