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Manifest Destiny

            Manifest Destiny "The Intangible of American History.
             I believe that what this paragraph is saying that American history is not only inevitable but also divinely ordained.
             Coining the Phrase.
             The idea of Manifest Destiny became the guide to American expansion.
             A Movement as Old as America Itself.
             The reasoning behind the expansion into Florida and other territories was that destiny's purpose was to have them there and that it was their right to have any land they wanted. I believe that it was inevitable that they were going to explore and that this philosophy came over with Christopher Columbus and the settlers.
             A Disputed Philosophy.
             This section is about opposing attitudes and views about Manifest Destiny. One view says that we are endangered by greatness and can't advance without impending peril. I find this to be very true, especially with the issues that are now going on. The other view says that the expansion was the natural course of events and Mexico perceived to be lower than Anglo-Saxons (Americans).
             The Religious Influence.
             The belief was that it was God's will to expand to the Western Territories. It was also the belief that God had the power to guide human destiny. I do believe that there is a divine purpose for what has and what will happen. .
             A Sense of a Mission.
             Some consider expansion God's will, while others consider it the inevitable. Even though the expansion brought continual death and hardship, the tempt of Manifest Destiny continued to interest expansionist.
             The Dark Side.
             The dark side of Manifest Destiny exposed the American's position that our settlement of the land was predestination. The expansion caused mass devastation, restraint of Indians, and full-blown genocide. Expansion into the Western Territories gave light to the American dream of freedom and independence.
             The Eternal Doctrine.
             Manifest Destiny is the eternal doctrine because it is unsure of when it started or even if it ever ended.

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