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Socioeconomics and Childhood Perceptions

            Growing up, as a child of seven, living in Brooklyn New York, was a complicated challenges for me, and as well my siblings. I can confirm for sure " we were limited to the amount outside extracurricular activities that are generally abundant in rich communities. Having access to extracurricular activities for minorities can help them to be productive and can keep them away from trouble within their community. However, the biggest substantial challenge children face in low-income communities are insufficient access to quality educations, lack of proper nutrition's, lack of access to quality jobs, and influential role models; these prominent factors can hinder their future development. Apparently, there's a significant gap between poor communities and their counterpart- education and income. In addition to the article of "The lesson", by Toni Cada Bambara, she highlights that society differentiate on people's social status. In the passage, one of the Primary character , an eccentric women named, Ms. Moors, shows some selective children the biased of "economic inequality" from the perspective's of their counterpart living in authentic communities. Flyboy,, Junebug, Q,T, Rosie Giraffe, Ronald, and bigg Butt, prominent character in the article, embarks on a journey with Moors to the upper class to grasp an optimum perspective in the quality of life at first hand. While in the taxi, Ms. Moore assigns them their first imperative assignment, which is to calculate the amount of percentage to be deducted from the cab driver in order to test their arithmetic comprehension skills. In addition to have them calculate the percentiles from the cab, she wanted to see if they were also up to par with their counterpart. As they arrive in the city, Flyboy is fascinated by the expense of a particular toy item that far exceed is perception regarding the cost of it. The item's (sail boat) price makes Flyboy acknowledge the mass difference between his socioeconomic status and the upper class socioeconomic status.

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