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Holistic Multidimensional Paradigm

            Personality is the element of ourselves that we chose to expose to the rest of the world. Theories in personality are developed in an attempt to better explain what human beings are like and why. They are used to describe certain components of human behavior and the differences of characteristics between humans and the derivation of them, as well as how they are modified, the interaction between them and their significance. As a result of striving to touch on such a variety of topics, one can not demonstrate only a single component of personality development, but rather a consolidation of many components. One must approach such a task, as explaining personality development, holistically; by addressing and incorporating all aspects of personality into their theory.
             One of the most commonly proposed determinants of personality is that of genetics. Most theorists look at this topic with the question of whether genes influence personality development, in other words saying that yes they do play a role or no they do not. A more effective way in approaching this topic would be to ask to what extent and in what ways they influence personality. All personality traits can not be placed into the two proposed categories; genetically determined or socially/environmentally learned. Some can be placed in one, some may be placed in the other, and others sit on the fine line between the two. For example intelligence is predominantly genetically inherited, but if a child is placed in a home with minimal encouragement to achieve and effectively use this trait, it most likely will not develop and become extinct. Another determining factor in the development of certain personality traits is the degree of ones nature to subject to authority and to mold to societal norms. Although this degree may be genetically determined or brought about by particular environmental stimuli, it greatly influences the development of many other personality traits.

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