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Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

            Formed from the ashes of Al Qaeda, an Islamic militant group, known as 'ISIS' or the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria", has risen to power in several Middle Eastern nations. They have been successful so far in their goal of making a state based on Sharia Law. They have staged numerous attacks and have used social media to release propaganda inciting fear in people all over the world. Their extreme actions have profoundly impacted the lives of those in ISIS controlled areas and surrounding areas. Some nations around the world have showed their support to the fight against ISIS and have sent troops and supplies. Other countries are still debating whether or not to take action against ISIS. .
             The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, more commonly known as ISIS is an Islamic jihadist group that have recently gained notoriety. ISIS was formed from former members of the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, who claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks. They started in 2004, and became known by the name 'ISIS' in 2013. They have only been gaining recognition recently because of the fact that they are winning. They are led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The majority of ISIS members are Sunni muslims, who are the largest branch of Muslim and have been involved in sectarian violence against Shi'a Muslims, who have a different ideology and have previously held power in Iraq and Syria. They were one of many rebel groups who took and are still taking part in uprisings against the government. ISIS used the confusion created from the Iraqi and Syrian civil wars to their advantage and managed to gain control as a result of all of the chaos. .
             ISIS have stated that their aim is to create a state, or country, that is governed and lives under Sharia Law, which is a harsh law based on the teachings in the Qu'ran and other Islamic scriptures. The Sharia Law dictates and controls all aspects of Muslim life, such as marriage, clothing, customs, daily life and diet.

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