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Iraq Culture Research

             Iraq is a multicultural country that is located in the Middle East. Iraq borders Kuwait to the south, Saudi Arabia the south, Jordan the west, Syrian Arab Republic to the northwest, Turkey to the north, and the Islamic Republic of Iran to the East. Iraq, for the most part, is land locked, except for a nineteen-mile long coastline that Iraq has on the Persian Gulf. Iraq has two major rivers that flow through it, the Euphrates River that flows through the center of Iraq to the Persian Gulf, and the Tigris River that also flows the center of Iraq to the Persian Gulf but it also flows through Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. Iraq is part of the Fertile Crescent, which is located in the center of Iraq. Iraq has mountains in the north, plains in the center, the Syrian Desert in the southwest, and marshlands in the southeast. Iraq contains three major ethnic groups that are tarring it apart. The three ethnic groups that are tarring apart at Iraq from the inside out are the Sunni Arab, the Sunni Kurd, and the Shiite Arab. These three groups all used to fall under the rule of Saddam Hussein before the United States Government took over with an aggressive attack on Saddam Hussein and his regime to over throw their dictating rule. These three groups have had their conflicts in the past that have traveled here to the present and still continue today, because of these conflicts Iraq has been slowly growing apart. With these conflicts Iraq should split apart into three different countries with a super national government, such as the United Nations, watching over them for a set period of time to see if they could handle being separated. Then after the trail run they could determine if the three countries would be suitable for the people and if not they could go back to one country.
             A cultural region is a geographical region that is based on human traits and is best shown through the use of maps.

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