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Biological Warfare and the Gulf War

             Since at least 1950, the United States government `has been a participant in the research and creation of biological warfare. In 1990, during the Gulf War, a severe plague broke out within the United States, Europe, England, the Middle East and every country except France that participated in this war. Saddam Hussein utilized multiple types of germ warfare against both the United States and other alliance troops. The shocking discovery came when we found out the germ warfare used against our troops had been produced in the United States and sold to Iraq between 1985 and 1990. However, the United States government thoroughly denies participation in the creation of these chemicals and that they were used against our troops. .
             The germ warfare that was used is commonly known as "The Gulf War Illness". Apart from "The Gulf War Illness" multiple diseases have been introduced such as Mad Cow Disease, AIDS, Ebola, etc. The Gulf War Illness is an extremely contagious and deadly disease that evolves from a germ warfare agent known as "mycoplasma fermentans". This agent contains a gene that is linked to the HIV virus. However, Gulf War Illness spreads much more rapidly then the AIDS virus. It can be transmitted through casual contact such as perspiration or even a cough. These organisms are air borne and highly infectious. This germ warfare is a component of mycoplasma and micotoxins. Mycoplasmas are extremely similar to the make up of bacteria. They bury deep into the body of the cell and can cause infection such as urinary tract or respiratory. The type of mycoplasma found in the Gulf War Illness contains only one gene from the HIV 1 virus. Because it only has one gene, it is extremely hard to detect. One can detect mycoplasmas through a development known as gene tracking. Gene tracking separates red and white blood cells and then separates the bond connected to DNA. The troops that were infected did not contract the HIV virus but did contract the gene related to HIV.

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