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             A woman once told me "we cannot live without war." I cannot understand this way of thinking, but then maybe I"m a "gather not a hunter". Since the beginning of time the human race has always fought over something: food, shelter, land and water. All these things are necessary to survive and flourish. But tell me, what exactly are we fighting for in Iraq? Sand, oil and what? President Bush has frightened us into believing that Saddam has possession of chemical warfare products and he is going to use them, soon. So what else is new and this time, where is the proof? One reporter said, "Saddam has not done anything different in the past ten (10) years, so why did Bush send our troops over there in a war that is not our own? .
             On an MTV broadcast, President Bush said, "this is the man that tried to kill my father." Could this war be a personal vendetta against Saddam? Have our sons, daughters and grandchildren been killed and put in harms way for an act of revenge? Being President is a big responsibility and every decision that the President makes will affect each and every one of us. Not only the United States, but think of the thousands of innocent men, women and children in Iraq who will suffer and die in this war. .
             What if Saddam had the chemical warheads that Bush was so adamant about? Would provocation not have incited you to send them puppies out first? So why didn"t Saddam? He did it before during the Gulf War. Is this the only thing that Bush could come up with to get the UN and everyone else to halfway support his madness? Did Bush give one thought to the monumental environmental damage and deaths that chemical, biological or nuclear weapons would cause if released in to the atmosphere? Were the United States people non-important enough to even consider that in the event that things went wrong, and they still could and seem to be, that Russia, China and neighboring countries would be so far up our butts that it could be us living in tyranny!? Guess he didn"t think that far ahead.

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