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Information Warfare as Weapons of Mass Destruction

             Information Warfare as a Weapon of Mass Destruction has in recent years commanded a lot of attention from governments, departments of defense, and private corporations around the world. Information Warfare (IW) provides the capability of arming rich and poor countries alike. The idea that almost every citizen in a country is capable of being a part of a mass destruction effort by using the available information infrastructure is bewildering. Information Warfare is fast changing our definition of conventional war doctrine and that of an enemy. Where, in the past, billions of dollars worth of investment for traditional weapons such as nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) weapons was a deterrent for poorer nations, IW is emerging as an attractive alternative. .
             The cost of IW weapons, the components, and the relative ease of acquiring Information Warfare weapons is making it easier for proliferating countries and adversary groups to engage in malicious activities without much regard for human life or property. The coordinated effort of well-meaning groups, to stop this disruptive and destructive madness, is emphatically answered with the contentious and continuous development of faster and more lethal weapons.
             This study focuses on the types of IW weapons capable of causing mass destruction and discusses scenarios where they can potentially cause disruption and destruction. It also discusses the policy issue of whether or not the United States should reveal its IW capabilities to the rest of the world. Lastly, the study recommends several measures the United States Department of Defense can undertake in order to form a formidable defense in times of peace and crisis.
             Information Warfare techniques are constantly changing because of new technologies and new methods of deployment. The Department of Defense (DoD) must define and understand this relatively new area of operation to take advantage of its benefits and threats.

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