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A World Beyond Safe

            How can we have a safe world when people started favoring security over freedom? Thomas Jefferson once said, "A person who chooses security over freedom deserves neither." People are choosing to have surveillance and weapons to defend themselves from upcoming attacks that may or may not occur, rather than enjoying their freedom and rights. The definition of peace, freedom and the end of war, is starting to fade because countries are racing to build weapons. Even people achieve their goal by violence. Is that a safe world? Imagine a world with no weapons nor violence, is that a stable world? .
             Nuclear weapons are an explosive device that gains its power from nuclear energy, the splitting and combining of atomic nuclei. 53 years of dejection and sill countries like United States of America, India, Pakistan, France, United Kingdom, China, and North Korea are working to produce weapons of mass destruction. The United States wanted to build the first nuclear bomb in World War II, so it had introduced the most destructive creation known to man-kind. The Nazis were capable to build an atomic bomb and that's because they had qualified engineers and uranium that they got from Czech mines. After acknowledging these information, Albert Einstein sent a letter to President Roosevelt on August 2, 1939. He explained to him how the element uranium can undergo fission and produce a massive amount of energy that can be used as a bomb. Roosevelt hired a secretive research committee to work on a nuclear bomb. The project was named " Development of Substitute Material," but scientists disagreed, and finally named it, "Manhattan Project." They developed three nuclear bombs. The first one was a test model named "Gadget," while the other two "Fat Man" and "Little Boy" where used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The United States spent $20,000,000,000 on the Manhattan Project only, it produced 4,680 nuclear bomber since 1945, it also operated 925 uranium mines, and the estimated spending of United States on nuclear weapons and programs is $35,100,000,000.

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