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            Terrorism is the deliberate act of killing innocent people to achieve their political goals. In recent years terrorism has become one of greatest threats to the world's future. There is no place in the world that is safe from terrorist attacks. There are many forms of international terrorism such as biological, chemical, nuclear, and environmental. These collective entities make terrorism a destructive threat against the humanity. Terrorism is my single greatest fear for the future of the world, because there is no way to insure global immunity from terrorism. However, we can only take preventive steps in national security to fight such meaningless attacks. My concern about the issue is the danger of mass destruction in which could lead to killing of large numbers of civilians. However, with all the dangers that terrorists impose to us; we don't have to let the fear cripple us from our daily activities. We have to fight with these fears, since changing behavior as result of fear counts as a victory for terrorists.
             Before the September 11th terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, I did not think of terrorism as a major threat to the United States and the world. I always thought of terrorism as groups of people who use small bombs to attack innocent civilians to just draw attention. While witnessing smaller incidents in the daily news in Israel and Palestine, the number of casualties never seemed to be as shocking as the September 11th event. However, today the terrorist attacks are becoming more lethal. They try to use any kind of weapon ranging from airplanes to nuclear bombs, as a means to kill as many people as possible. Who would have thought that one-day terrorist would hijack airplanes and crash them into the world trade center. I cannot forget the morning of September 11th when my sister woke me up and told me that an airplane hit the World Trade Center. At first I though it was just an accident.

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