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the war on drugs

            Whether or not the United Nations should go to war with Iraq is a question that has been plaguing the United Nations for a decade now. Each individual has a different viewpoint on whether or not the United states of America should be at war, and how they should go about it. People are worried about the civilians involved in the matter, but the United State's economy will react afterwards, and if the United States is just doing this because he wants to finish what his father started. However Suddam has a long history of lying and ignoring the United Nations, all the way back into 1991 when he refused to disassemble his weapons of mass destruction as instructed to by the United Nations' Security Council . Since then he has been covertly producing and storing weapons of mass destruction preparing for war against the Western World. If the United States didn't go to war against Iraq then the safety of all citizens is at stake.
             America as been changed since 9-11-01, but many cant forget that even the unexpected happen and you cant let your guard down. Suddam will attack whem you least expect it, and Suddam will, and it will be a heavy, an unexpected blow to americans indeed. There are a number of examples of how Suddam is slyly slipping his weapons production under our noses. He has been refortifying buildings that are only used for producing chemicals needed for weapons, and saying that they are being used for civilian purposes. His government has been falsely reporting the amount of weapons they have leftover from the Gulf War. Aid for civilians has been routinely transferred to take care of his personnel, and he has been taking money that was earmarked for civilians from the Oil-for-Food program. Scientists in Iraq have reported that Suddam has been working on a mobile plant for extracting chemicals for weapons, thus rendering it harder to track. Every time the Security Council forms a new solution forbidding him to make weapons of mass destruction, he claims that he will uphold that resolution, yet as soon as the Security Councils' backs are turned he goes back to making them.

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