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Govt. Paper

            We don"t have to "go nuclear" to crack Saddam's Bunkers.
             SUMMARY: Michael Levi, the director of the strategic security program at the Federation of American Scientists, and Theresa Hitchens, the Vice President of the Center for Defense Information offer three alternatives to nuclear warfare in order to crack Saddam's underground bunkers. They have decided that executive officials feel they must choose the lesser of two evils; in this case choose between a nuclear strike on these bunkers and standing aside. Levi and Hitchens say that is "simply not necessary" and offer their substitute choices.
             Command and Control bunkers, like those belonging to Saddam, are equipped with vulnerable, aboveground communications stations. By striking these stations Levi and Hitchens say we can render their belowground bunkers useless. In addition, "precision weapons could be used to seal these facilities, and thermo baric vacuum bombs that kill the occupants.".
             A second useful tactic they offered is the consideration of a penetrating weapon already in use by the U.S. arsenal called BLU-116. A "smart fuse" is in development that will "allow the warhead to detonate at a very precise depth," escalating it's efficiency on bunkers like Saddam's.
             Levi and Hitchens" third suggestion is known as Deep Digger. While it maintains the appearance of a conventional missile, it will operate on "principles of dry drilling used in oil exploration." A deep hole would quickly be made in the ground by a cannon, rapidly firing projectiles filled with a "high density gas, clearing away pulverized rock as it rises." Finally a smart fuse would them detonate the payload once Deep Digger reached its target.
             Aside from their overwhelming destruction, Levi and Hitchens state "nuclear weapons are exquisitely sensitive items, making the engineering of nuclear earth-penetrators significantly more difficult than that of conventional penetrators," and that wars fought with precision, and coordination are the models for the future, and should begin with the cracking of Saddam's bunkers.

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