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Competition and Cooperation for Leaders

             Human beings are developed to live among others. It is very difficult for a recluse to lead a happy and fulfilled life. In general, in all spheres of life, we cooperate with our fellow human beings to survive. For example, while driving in a traffic congested road, we cooperate with other drivers to make sure that we all can get through that road without much chaos. So many such day-to-day experiences dot our journey. Cooperation is the basic driving force in our lives. However, I can only partially agree to the statement that quality leaders can be shaped out of young individuals only by instilling in them a sense of cooperation and not competition. There are of course many advantages to this. Let me consider those first. .
             Industries today have their foundations laid on projects, which their employees perform in a group. Brainstorming always helps us to better define and understand the problem that we are facing, develop innovative and effective solutions and ensure that the idea is successfully implemented. When we think alone, there is always a higher chance of overlooking some finer aspects of the situation. It is obvious and is human nature. But when we work in a group, it is less likely that errors occur because each individual is better at something than the rest. Consider for example, an energy company which provides energy to a diverse category of industries - it caters to energy needs of the industries which have plants that harness solar energy, it caters to industries that use nuclear energy and also to those industries that use conventional fossil fuels. Suppose it needs a software which can keep track of the investments of the company in each of these areas, its financial and material requirements and also its constraints. The company will then call for a team and pose this challenge to it. There are various aspects that need to be considered to develop a solution to this problem.

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