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Moses - Great Biblical Hero

            Being a life saver doesn't just happen at birth, it takes a life span and development to be capable of fitting into your superman pants. Moses was a leading man who followed God's orders to lead his people out of darkness and into greatness. Moses job was to free the people from slavery and through it, he became a prophet. His life started at being great and powerful, he was known as the "Prince of Egypt". Slowly but surely he began to change and do the work he was called for. Moses change teaches that in order to become a hero you must first do your work.
             At the time, Moses being the Prince of Egypt he was only about himself and his family. He allowed people to be captured and work as slaves. Until the day he saw a slave being beaten. Moses tried to stop the guard but ended up killing him. After he fled from Egypt, thats when his work began. The Lord spoke to Moses and said "Go in speak unto Pharaoh King of Egypt that he let the children of Israel go out of his land"(Exodus 6:11). This quote shows and represents the first steps of Moses work to lead the people into greatness.
             In the days further along of Moses goal to free the people out of Egypt, he did numerous things to convince the Pharaoh to free the people of God. He turned the water in the sea into blood to prove the work of the Lord. Days came where the Lord sent down plagues and Moses warned the people, for every person that had the blood of the lamb on their door, the first born son would not be killed. For Moses spoke" If you refuse to let them go, the Lord will bring down a terrible plague"(Exodus 9:2). The Lord used Moses to bring down the plague of livestock,boils,hail,locusts,darkness,on the first born and the passover. This led to the stage of the people of Egypt coming closer to freedom. This quote further shows that if you do not listen to the wise then the repercussions will be harsh.

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