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My True Best Friend

            It was 7:53 when I arrived at my best friend's house so that we could walk to school together. Before I was able to knock on the door,.
             "Come in." Rebecca yelled,.
             I walked in the house and all I heard were footsteps running around the house.
             I yelled "Where are you Rebecca? Are you ready yet?".
             "I'm in my room and almost." Rebecca replied.
             When I made it to her room, I still didn't see her then I finally saw her in the closet. She wasn't close to being ready. She was in her pajamas. She looked at me then she began laughing and I couldn't do anything but laugh with her.
             "I thought you were almost ready?" I said.
             Rebecca answered still laughing "I lied, I don't have anything I want to wear!".
             It was almost 8, school starts at 8:20 it was at least a 10 minute walk. We were going to be late for the third time that week. If we were lucky my mom would take us to school every once in awhile. It wasn't completely her fault. Half the time, she would come to pick me up, I wasn't ready either but we always thought, if we got in trouble, we would be in trouble together and we didn't find that so bad. We were always together no matter what. If you saw her, you saw me and if you saw me you saw her. It was hard not to be together when you had 5 out 7 classes together. There were no secrets when it came down to us. We knew each other like sisters. Although even sisters have their ups and downs but after that Friday I picked her up, things that weekend didn't go so well. She wasn't answering my calls or texts, which was weird for Rebecca not to call or text me back for entire weekend. When Monday came around, I was late to school again and that day, I had first period with her. Rebecca wasn't in class but everyone in the classroom had seen her. It just so happened that we had a sub so I was able to get a pass to find her. Finally, I saw her walking down the hallway by herself.

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