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Crown Heights Shooting

             was sent to court for the killing of Yankel Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum has hit and killed a black boy in Crown Heights Brooklyn, a riot then broke out and Rosenbaum was attacked. This riot was clearly racist due to the fact the that the riot screamed "Theres a Jew! Get the Jew!" Lemrick Nelson was accuses of being part of this riot and was sent to court. He was found with a knife in his pocket, covered in blood. Although it seems Lemrick should have been guilty, he was found innocent.
             The courts decision in the case is completely wrong. Most of the evidence pointed to Lemrick as the killer. First off, he was found with a bloody knife in his pocket. This clearly shows that he must have committed some crime of stabbing someone even if it wasn"t Yankel Rosenbaum. Nelson was also caught fleeing the scene of the crime. If he hadn"t done anything wrong, there's no legitimate reason for his fleeing. Also, Nelson was brought back to Yankel (before he died), for identification purposes. Yankel had identified him as the attacker. That alone is enough proof for someone to be sent to jail. .
             Nelson being found not guilty is one of the most absurd court decisions I have ever learned of. Even if Nelson was found not guilty for the murder of Yankel Rosenbaum, he still should have been tried for stabbing of someone else. People don"t just walk around with bloody knives in their pockets. Nelson must have done something wrong that night. The evidence is very clear that he was responsible for the killing of Rosenbaum. They jury was very unreasonable in this case. No man should ever be let out into the street again after being caught with a bloody knife with the word "killer" inscribed in it. .
             It is very clear in this case that Nelson should have been sentenced to some time in jail. Whether it be for the killing of Rosenbaum, stabbing of someone else or the possession of a weapon. The evidence points directly to Nelson.

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