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            Frodo wakes in the house of Elrond in Rivendell. Gandalf is beside him and he tells the Hobbit that his friends are all safe. The wizard knows about most of their journey because the Hobbit has been talking in his sleep. Gandalf was delayed and could not guide them because he was held captive. Frodo thanks him for the help of Strider. Gandalf tells Frodo that Strider is of a race of kings; all rangers are of this race. Gandalf asks him how his shoulder feels and tells him that Elrond cured him of the cursed wound. A splinter of the dark blade had been in his flesh. The black riders had been trying to pierce his heart with their evil metal so he would turn into a zombie and follow them back to Mordor. When the river rushed forward at the call of Elrond, the riders' horses were swept away. Now that they have no horses, they will be slowed done for some time. Gandalf notices that Frodo has become lighter, almost translucent. He promises Frodo a feast when he is feeling up to it. He falls asleep thinking of Bilbo. When he wakes up, he looks at his thinner reflection in the mirror. Sam arrives and takes him to a banquet chattering on about what has been going on. Frodo is reunited with Pippin and Merry and they enter the banquet-hall of Elrond. The ageless elf is seated at the head of the table with Gandalf and Glorfindel at either side. Near the center of the table sits a beautiful female elf named Arwen, the daughter of Elrond. She is the loveliest creature Frodo has ever seen. The dwarf, Gloin, is sitting next to Frodo. He asks the hobbit why he has come to Rivendell and Frodo politely says that he doesn't think he is supposed to talk about it. Gloin speaks of dwarves and the situation under the mountain from where he comes. Seven of the thirteen dwarves who traveled with Bilbo are still living. Frodo says that he misses Bilbo greatly. After the feast he ends up talking to Gandalf. Elrond stands and speaks to a figure sleeping in the shadows.


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