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Lord of the rings

             Illogical as it may seem, Lord of The Rings greatly relates to today's society. This can be seen through the views of logos, pathos, and ethos, especially in the examination and exploration of this movie's genre reflecting upon modern culture and society. .
             I would primarily like to concentrate this discussion on only one of the three series of The Lord of the Rings, which is The Fellowship of The Ring. The Fellowship of The Ring is a story of an all-powerful ring made by the evil king, Sauron. The ring is taken from Sauron in a tremendous battle and proceeds from person to person constantly trying to get back to its sadistic master. The ring has a free will and can seduce the minds of both men and immortals. After years of dormancy, the ring finally appears once again in a hobbit shire. It inevitably ends up being entrusted to a hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins and he becomes the chosen ring barer. Frodo's goal is to destroy the ring and the evil it possesses before it can turn to it's former master. The peaceful inhabitants of Frodo's world, Middle-earth, understand the immense evil power of the ring and the need for it's destruction. They form an alliance called "The Fellowship" to accompany Frodo on his journey to destroy the ring. Hence the title, The Fellowship of The Ring. However, at the same time the fellowship is being hunted down by the evil servants of Sauron, which provide fatal difficulties. Frodo's colleagues include Gandalf The Gray (a wizard), Samwise Gamges (Frodo's gardener and best friend), Merry and Pippin (hobbit friends), Legolas (an elf warrior), Boromir (a leader of the kingdom of men), Aragon (a ranger), and Gimli (master dwarf). .
             What is the logos, logic or reason, behind The Fellowship of The Ring? The Fellowship of The Ring is a fantasy story. This story has the common theme of "good versus evil," as in most fantasy novels or movies. The logic behind this movie is to immerse the viewer into the shoes of Frodo as he attempts to destroy the ring and save Middle-earth.

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