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The Lord Of The Rings

            "The Lord Of The Rings" series was written by J.R Tolkien and has been around for many generations. Despite being around for so long it is still a favourite amongst the majority of the community constantly being inside the top three best all time books. The movie for this series has been filmed and completed but it will not be released until December and that is only the first part, "The Fellowship of the Ring", with the next two parts to be released at yearly intervals.
             This book has two titles. The main one, which is the title of the series, is "The Lord Of The Rings". This is very significant to the story because Sauron, who is the main enemy, is the "Lord Of The Rings". This is due to the fact that he has the power to control the nine magic rings but only if he has possession of the One Ring.
             The other title of the book is "The Fellowship Of The Ring". This is the title for only this book in the trilogy with the other two being "The Two Towers" and "The Return Of The King". This first part of the story is titles "The Fellowship Of The Ring" because during the story a "fellowship", which is a selected group of nine, is formed to set out to destroy the Ruling Ring.
             This book is definitely a fantasy story although it is very believable. It contains "hobbits", elves, dwarves, wizards, men (although they are not fictional) orcs and many other fictional characters. All these are in someway all connected whether they are friends or foes. Throughout the book all these races are depicted with such close detail they almost pop out of the book in front of you whilst reading.
             The book is also set in a different world called Middle-earth and a fantasy time that has gone through several eras including such times as the "Dark Age" when evil ruled, although this time doesn't occur in this book there are several references to it. .
             If this story was set in the earth that we know it would have been an extremely pathetic story and very unbelievable.

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