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Collapse of Religion in 18th Century France

            Before the French Revolution in 1789, Catholicism was the official religion of the people from France. The France Catholic Church, formally referred as the Gallican Church, acknowledged this power with the pope as head of the Roman Catholic Church however discussed and negotiated unquestionable authorizations and liberties that honoured this pope from the France emperor, presenting this a distinct state identity categorized by significant freedom. France's population approximately 31 million was virtually only Catholic, with full membership of the country refused to Protestant and also Jewish minorities. In the seventeenth century in France, being French citizen was equivalent to being Catholic. But, by 1794, Churches in France and also religious orders were abolished and religious and spiritual worship was also eradicated, according to The Catholic Encyclopedia.
             Gemma Betros of History Today writes that in France, the Roman Catholic Church's income in 1789 has been approximated to be astonishing 150 million lives. It preserved or operated close to 6-8 % of land in France. With all its churches, monasteries and convents, as well as educational institutes including libraries and schools it activated, produced an obvious reminder in the Church's supremacy and authority within France. Because of its dominance, the church was also allowed to collect the tax from the citizens of France; worthy of a minimal one-tenth associated with agricultural production, and was also discharged by one-on-one taxation on its earnings. This particular abundance brought extensive unhappiness, as demonstrated in the 'statements of grievances', delivered by the kingdom to be conversed in the Estates-General in May, 1789, states Gemma Betros of History Today. Calls to modify as well as obliterate the tax and for the limitation associated with Church property were joined by issues and protests coming from district priests who, prohibited from the wealth donated after the upper levels of the church pecking order, often not been as successful to obtain.

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