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The Ineffectiveness of the Reconstruction Era

            During 1865–1877 the Reconstruction period was in action. The government of the United States of America tried to assemble the nation after the Civil War. However, this act was unsuccessful due to many reasons. These reasons include the creation of the black codes, the sharecropping system and most importantly the Ku Klux Klan. Even though the Reconstruction Act appeared to be a great idea, it wasn't successful at all.
             The plans for Reconstruction had many upsets thus creating black codes. Black codes were applied to African American men and women. The use of them demonstrated how the south was not willing to give former slaves their freedom, thus conveying that the reconstruction of the South was a wreck. These codes or laws were passed throughout the South by the government to diminish the rights of free African Americans. They prevented black freedmen from obtaining any political, economic, and social equality. The relationship between African Americans and whites was strenuous due to Johnson encouraging confederates to endorse black codes, hence re- establishing white power over African Americans. As indicated in Document C, "every Negro is to be in the service of (work for) some white person, or former owner." Once again this demonstrated white superiority over African Americans. Furthermore, Document C also proclaims "no public meetings of negroes or freedmen shall be allowed within the town". This restricted the chance of equality for freedmen. Additionally, Document H portrays that theme of white people obtaining control over African Americans. The pictures under the subtitle "of course he wants to vote the Democratic ticket", particularly express the purpose to install fear on freedman and to vote the democratic ticket.
             Sharecropping was a system that led freed slaves in poverty, hence prohibiting freedmen to advance and outgrow reconstruction of the South to blunder.

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