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Russian's Soul is Russian Truth

            "And there ain't persons in the world that are more tearless, more arrogant, yet simpler than the Russians . . .".
             Anna Akhmatova.
             Russian's Soul is Russian Truth.
             "Russia can't be understood with mind"-this line from Fyodor Tyutchev's poem have become more than a mere aphorism to the Russians. After this line being composed, Russians gained kind of a spiritual creed that explains their destiny and the life of every single Russian.
             Since long ago Russians have had a foreboding that Russia is destined for something great, that Russia is a totally unique country. The whole world recognizes the Russian Empire as on of the strongest powers that plays a prominent role in the international political arena. Russia's history has for the most part been a history of losses and following attempts to bring back the bereavement. Great Russia is still a solitary province in world's life and European culture; its spiritual life is solitary and exclusive.
             The world still does not know and comprehend Russia; therefore, disfiguredly accepts Russian image and fallaciously and superficially judges about it. For a western person Russia remains a somewhat strange East: sometimes attractive with its mystery and at times repulsive with its barbarism.
             For the Russians themselves their motherland remains and unsolved mystery. One of the Russia's greatest poets Gogol, who called Russians for a serious study of their nation, came to a conclusion that: "A great ignorance exists about Russia within Russia." Russia is contradictive; Russian soul cannot be defined by any doctrines. Another Russian poet Tyutchev wrote: " . . . Russia can only be believed at." Everyone believes in Russia in his own way, and everyone finds in the contradictive existence of Russia fact for confirming his own beliefs. In this paper I will try to approach the mystery, concealed in the Russian soul. .
             However interesting and unusual a vision to Russia might seem from aside, it is obvious that the best way to understand it is to pierce the secret hiding place of Russian disposition and character.

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