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Irrigation Product - Plastic Butterfly Sprinkler

            In 6000BC, by utilizing flood water from the Nile and other river systems and controlling it with ditches and trenches, Egyptians and Mesopotamians were able to divert and control water to irrigate their farm land. Now, throughout the world, irrigation systems are used in a variety of applications; including commercial uses, farming and industry. .
             The first garden sprinkler was designed in 1871, by J. Lessler of Buffalo, New York. The device involved a water propelled, rotating head in a wooden housing, utilizing the same principles involved in this device.
             The Purpose of this Report .
             This report relates to the properties and design of the Butterfly Sprinkler made of 4 components, including; thermoset plastic housing, thermoset plastic spinning head, nickel plated brass pin and a stainless steel ball bearing. This report will research the materials, and the mechanical forces and stresses related to the main thermoset plastic housing and the nickel plated brass axel. With simple sprinklers, much like this one, water can be spread evenly and efficiently to water lawns, gardens, plants etc. .
             How it Works.
             Requiring only water pressure to function, this simple sprinkler exploits the waters momentum to rotate the spinning head around a pin and propel the water evenly. By decreasing the size of the hole that the water must travel through, the water pressure is increased by 16x the original pressure in the hose, thus increasing the spread of rotation and the distance that the water can travel. Furthermore, using a cylinder shaped pin, the head is allowed to spin freely and efficiently with minimal friction. Likewise, a small ball bearing is positioned between the pin and spinning head to decrease additional friction.
             Materials .
             Pin (mass: 4g).
             Nickel-plated Brass.
             Nickel-plated Brass is non-corrosive, or resistant to the normal atmosphere, fresh water, fuels, cutting solutions and mineral oils. However, it is only partly resistant against sea water, industrial atmosphere and against salt solutions.

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