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Biomechanical Analysis - Badminton Smash Shot

            Biomechanics is the study of the movement of the human body and by applying the laws of biomechanics predictions can be made about the behavior of the moving body (Kirk, Burgess-Limerick, Kiss, Lahey and Penney, 1999). Biomechanics can help improve the performance in badminton by studying how the body moves and how it can improve the technique of the badminton smash shot. The smash is the most aggressive and attacking stroke in badminton and is often employed to finish a point or to increase the tempo of the game. This essay will discuss the importance of understanding bio-mechanical principles and recommend specific changes in technique to effectively execute the smash shot in my game. .
             When studying biomechanics and how it can improve Badminton performance, a number of topics need to be discussed. These include Newtons laws, summing momenta, center of percussion, center of gravity, base support and the principles of bio-mechanical analysis. Newton's Laws are all relative to the principle of force, the first law of inertia, the second of acceleration and the third of reaction all need to be understood so that the we can move with efficiency and manipulate the body to take advantage of the Laws (NASA 2010). The application of the smash shot clearly incorporates law two and understanding the application will assist in performing the shot more effectively. The center of percussion is the point on an object where a perpendicular impact will produce translational and rotational forces (Medical Dictionary 2011). The smash needs to be executed from maximum height and from slightly in front of your body to create maximum force. .
             To successfully complete the smash shot summing momenta and a biomechanical analysis must be considered. Summing momenta involves developing the velocity in particular body parts to increase the momentum on the projectile (Amezdroz, Davis, Dickens, Hosford and Stewart, 2010).

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