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Superpowers of the Cold War

            The cold war was a period of hostility which lasted over 46 years. It was a bunch of proxy wars between the USSR and the US and their respective ideologies, Capitalism led by the US and communism led by the USSR . This war could also be described as the disagreement between two opposing forces, capitalism and communism. The aftermath of the second world war left the US and Russia as the highest dominant military powers, but they had completely different government regimes and economic regimes. One can say that both parties were at fault for this war but I feel that the USSR is at fault. Although both Truman and Stalin broke the tension between Western Europe and Asia, Stalins obsession over converting the world into communism is what caused such rebellious acts from western europe, which inevitably forced them to resist to preserve its social and political culture.
             1917 was the point where a clear difference between the "West" and Russia was established, Russia was mainly responsible for creating this division and was also, to an extent, to blame for the increase of distrust and tension this division caused. During the First World War, Russia had formed an alliance with Great Britain and France known as the Triple Entente, their opponent was the Triple Alliance which consisted of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. In 1917, Russia was going through a revolution which led to the removal of the last Tsar, Nicholas the second. This then concluded to the Bolsheviks becoming in power and transforming Russia into a country with a communist ideology. The Western leaders despised the idea of communism to the point where they sent troops to help stop the Bolshevik revolution from occurring, but these efforts were to no avail as the Bolsheviks overthrew the government and established Communism . The West's attempt of stopping the revolution convinced Russia that the West was against their new regime.

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