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Fantasy Literature and Fantastic Language

            Fantasy Literature and Fantastic Language.
             There are many factors that contribute to the history of a culture. In many instances the historical literature that stems from different cultures shares in the history. Literature can also help shape the history of a specific culture. There are many positive aspects to learning the different literature that stems from different cultures. When events happen in a culture's history, this can be reflected in the literature from that culture. Stereotypical aspects of each culture can also be found within its literature. Comparing literature from two different cultures can highlight the similarities and differences from each culture. An Irish poem and a fantasy novel from America hold many different aspects of each culture. Each form is very different, yet holds many truths for its own culture. .
             Irish Poetry.
             Although Ireland may be small in size, it has had a profound impact with its literature. The printed word was established early in Ireland. The Book of Common Prayer was published in Dublin by Humphrey Powell in 1551 (Earthlore, 2014). Ireland has made a place for itself in the literary world with many different forms. One form in particular is poetry. W.B. Yeats is an Irish poet who wrote many different poems. One in particular was called "When you are Old". This poem was based around a love interest that Yeats had. This love interest happened to be an actress and the poem touches on how his love for her will progress as she ages (Ireland Calling, 2014). This poem expresses the love the author has for this woman. "But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, and loved the sorrows of your changing face" (Yeats, 1893). This quote from Yeats' poem was one that really had the heart felt meaning Yeats seemed to by trying to express. The author wanted to express how deeply his love ran for this particular woman. His words were showing how much he would care for her as the years passed and she changed along with him.

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