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Government and Leadership

            Every member of society has a different interpretation of what they believe should be carried out by a good government. Some may want the right to own automatic weaponry, while others simply want sidewalks to walk on and roads to drive on. Good governance stretches far past the basics and exhibits more complex characteristics such as making sure that corruption is minimized and taking into account every voice in the decision making process. Over the years, many different governments have come into play, each one with the purpose of carrying out a system that is in the best interest for the citizens. With each government comes a leader, whose goal is to create an ideal government that suffices everyone's needs. Jean Jacques Rousseau, Lao-Tzu and Thomas Jefferson were three leaders, who, through their works, outlined their interpretations of good governance. Each one possessed unique qualities, which directly influenced their ways of ruling, and some of their approaches to governance are still incorporated to this day. .
             Throughout history, there have been many individuals who took very different routes to determine what formation of government would be exhibit the most success. Jean Jacques Rousseau was an influential thinker of the 18th century who expressed very strong beliefs on the issues of civil society and human nature. Rousseau believed that the core a good government is focusing on the freedom of all its citizens. He argued that certain regulations set forth by the government can exist amongst society, if the members were given the same amount of freedom they can enjoy in their state of nature. When he argues that humans should be given their natural freedom, he presents a statement that humans should be able to do as they wish. However he also states that people have not yet reached the level of understanding what it means to be moral or rational, and believes modern society doesn't help influence the application of this principle.

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