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The FCC and Net Neutrality

            Why have I chosen to do this subject? How is this related to culture?.
             I've chosen to research and work on a project based on the FCCs' plans to disregard and violate the internet's basic net neutrality principles. As the picture below states "It's not just a good idea. It ought to be the LAW" (Reflecting popular public opinion). And just what is Net Neutrality? Well, net neutrality can be summarised as the principles that are to be followed by corporations and governments. These principles are required as to moderate internet access and any potential profit that may arise from online services.
             How is this related to the subject? .
             If the FCC's net neutrality violation was approved by the US Government then internet providers or big giant companies that own services will be able to manipulate services such as Facebook, Google or Twitter into making their services slower or faster based on whether or not they support the parent company, they could even try to tamper with those that refuse to co-operate with them, taking out the competition. Changing American culture (pretty much internet culture) forever, those who want to be successful online would be damned as other people would dictate how successful they are no matter how hard they have worked. No company should have that kind of power of influence over anyone, especially those trying to become successful through the internet.
             Tom Wheeler (Head of the FCC).
             How would this impact me?.
             For the moment it doesn't, but since the United States is the most influential continent in the world, it's likely that other nations would adapt to their standards since everyone tries to copy the western influence that is America. If Indonesia accepts the FCC's terms, then everyone would hate the Indonesian Government, some people hate that lots of websites are already blocked here, it seems like suicide to declare internet providers as gods for the common people.

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