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Title Sequence of Skyfall

            Skyfall was released on 9 November 2012 and this was the 23rd installation of the James Bond franchise. James bond movies are famous for their mannerisms, professionalism and stylish gadgets. Today in Hollywood, every male actor would love to play the role of James bond because of the success and endurance of the franchise. Honestly, who wouldn't like to say their name in "Bond, James Bond" on the movie theater screen. This dialogue has been use in each and every movie of the James Bond and has driven many people insanely happy. I still remember, when I was a little kid and watched "Die Another Day" (22 November 2002), the whole theater was clapping during this legendary dialogue. Skyfall was directed by Sam Mendes and the role of James bond was played by Daniel Craig for the third time. In what follows, I discuss the opening credits, cinematography, mis en scene and the genre of the film. .
             Title Sequences.
             The title Sequence in Skyfall provides credit to all the crew member, who gave their best effort to bring Skyfall in production. The film first title sequence starts with the name of company production and then follows the name of main character Daniel Craig. On next scene, the editor describes the role of Daniel Craig as James Bond and the name of the movie "Skyfall" in the center shot. This shot was beautifully place in the center and informs the audience that this movie will mainly focus on Daniel Craig (James Bond).Main female actress is also introduced by her portrait and her name appears exactly parallel to her face. One of the interesting fact about the Skyfall title sequence is, all the crew members name are described in their particular field. For instance, when the title was introducing special effects (CGI) and stunt coordinator, the background was animating and providing visual effect in their perspective field. Another interesting fact about the clip was the Fonts.

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