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How does the programme Who wants to be a millionaire?'

            How does the programme Who wants to be a millionaire?'.
             attract its' audience and keep its' interest?.
             Camera angle/shot/movement/position.
             Special effects.
             Misé en scene.
             Who wants to be a millionaire?' is hosted by Chris Tarrant, a well-known and liked host. By using a well-known host who has hosted previous successful shows, it's already going to attract people's attention, as they will expect it to be a good show. He's friendly to the contestants, by chatting to them and asking about their lives, making them more normal' to people at home, rather than a couple who are being paid to go on the show and are specially picked because of their outgoing nature. This makes the show friendly to the audience in the studio and at home, if it was a cold show and unfriendly, people might not want to go and see it, be contestants or watch it at home. The show is normally for single contestants but by doing a series of couples, they renew the audience's interest as it hasn't been done before and is likely to be entertaining because of the arguments likely to break out when they have different answers. It also helps to take the pressure off single contestants, as they have their partner to share it with, increasing the amount of people trying to enter. Using couples will also increase the amount of watchers, as couples at home will try to answer the questions together and see how well they would have done, if they had entered.
             At the start of the show the camera is high up and angled slightly down in a wide-angle shot, so the audience and centre stage is all seen by the audience at home. It then cuts to a medium shot of Chris Tarrant. When the couple walk on to the centre stage it's a two shot, cutting and swapping to a wide-angled shot, so the couple and Chris Tarrant can be seen. The camera then draws back as they walk into the centre to take their seats. The camera shots are mostly 2-shots of the couple, close ups of the host and a wide angle to show all three of them and a bit of the audience.

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