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Main ethical challenges to who wants to be a millionnaire

            Critically evaluate the main ethical challenges to the main actors and organisations in the British TV programme Who Wants to be a Millionaire. .
             In order for me to answer this question I shall firstly begin by giving some consideration to the idea of "ethical challenges". Ethics is defined as .
             Which means that this essay seeks to explore the moral values/codes/principles of the show , and thosed involved in its production. In order to answer this question I shall firstly detail a brief history and explanantion of how the show works, I shall then go on to raise the first question in this moral challenge -A million pounds is a phenomenal amount of money is it morally right that a show such as this exists, when such a fortune could be put to more constructive use. Next I shall briefly look at the SWS, as this is a perfect model explaining the concept and success of Who wants to be a millionaire. And finally, I shall look recent events which have occurred, and the impact that this has had on the popularity of the show, and the ethical issues involved.
             Who wants to be a millionqaire is produced by Celador , one of the leading producers of light entertainment shows in the UK. The initial l "Millionaire" idea started in 1995 and was finally aired at prime time on British television on September 4, 1998 with funny man DJ, Chris Tarrant as its host.
             Five years later the show is broadcast in over 30 countries. As well as the television format, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" is also a successful merchandising brand with board games, computer games and other products. Research has shown. that "millionaire" is the most recognised and watched quiz show in the UK, with an initial viewing figure of 19.2 million. "Millionaire's" simple format has made it a huge success around the globe. .
             The Set UP.
             The show is structured in such a way that the very basis we are able to question the ethics as a percentage of the winnings which the show pays out is actually generated by the vast number of calls which would be contestants make on premium lines costing $.

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