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Knowledge and Ethical Responsibility

            We as humans are constantly learning and never stop once we are brought into the world and this leads us to the question, does the possession of knowledge carry with it an ethical responsibility? And if so, what ethical considerations? The statement, "The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility,"" does hold some validity as most people would agree with this statement however some skeptics might argue that not all the knowledge brings with it ethical responsibilities. The knowledge you may receive might be a minor detail of something that is not of any significance and will not affect anyone in anyway and therefor this may be seen as not carrying any ethical responsibility. This is why we need to look at the possession of knowledge as a whole and not just as single case scenarios. There will always be some information that requires more ethical responsibilities than others. This makes it difficult for us to answer the claim, "The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility. ".
             The first thing we need to look at is how to determine what is morally correct? There are many disputes between what is morally correct and what is immoral. It is extremely difficult to justify between them because there is such a big grey area in between them and people's opinions are not all the same and vary greatly. This all comes under the topic of ethics and moral relativism. Ethics are the moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior or some may define it as moral correctness of a specified conduct. It all concerns principles of right and wrong behavior in everyone and how they choose to act knowing their consequences. Our own personal values are determined by the culture we grew up in and our moral judgments and values are just our natural outlooks brought upon by the society and culture in which we were brought up in. You might share the same values as those that have surrounded you your whole life or your values could have strayed from theirs because of them.

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