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Ethical Climate

             Recently, many high profile CEOs have been caught and punished for committing unethical acts which cause the demise of their companies. This is undoubtedly placing more pressure on CEOs and employees in general to act ethically within the workplace. Continental's CEO, Gordon Bethune, is no exception. He faced many challenges within the company to create an ethical environment within and throughout the company. .
             From a management perspective, an ethical decision is one that reasonable or typical stakeholders would find acceptable because it aids stakeholders, the organization, or society (Direct Quote Book). Continental's CEO, Gordon Bethune, realizes that these three groups are interrelated and that acting unethical to one group can and will affect the others; therefore, he has to equip his employees with the knowledge of how to make ethical decisions in their professional life. He had to reshape the ethical climate of Continental Airlines. In order to shape the ethical climate of this organization, Gordon Bethune had to implement three steps which include:.
             1. Using his leadership position to incorporate an ethical dimension into the values the company stressed.
             2. Incorporating ethical values into the company's mission statement.
             3. Acting on ethical values. (Paraphrased book).

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