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Motorola - Ethical Challenges in a Multicultural Environment

             ​Motorola was founded in 1928 as the Galvin Manufacturing Company and changed to its current name during the 1940's. Motorola is still headed by a member of the Galvin family. They started in the radio business and through the years moved into other segments. In 2000, Motorola was a world leader in wireless communication, semiconductors, and advanced electronic systems, components and services. It main business segments included cellular phones personal communication products, automotive products, two-way radios, paging and data communications devices, computers, and countless other products. Motorola has experienced explosive growth and now has more than 120,000 employees located in nearly 100 countries around the world. Motorola is known the world over for its commitment to corporate ethics and the company's code of conduct is considered by many to be the model you want your company measured against.
             ​Given the closeness between Motorola's ethics policy and it business practices, this assessment will review Motorola's top management's commitment to ethics, discuss Motorola's Ethics Renewal Process (MERP), examine issues that arise from the company's ethics policy, and evaluate the overall effectiveness. The Study concludes with recommendations that will strengthen Motorola's ethics policy and ensure that the company remains committed to the high ethical standards that it strives to achieve.
             Motorola Culture.
             ​Motorola culture is based on the Code of Business Conduct. There are two core items to Motorola's Code of Business Conduct. The first item is constant respect for people and the second is uncompromising integrity. These two principles not only serve as the centerpiece of the company's ethics policy, they are also intended to be used by Motorolans in their daily interactions no matter where or what they are doing. The code of business conduct was the vision of founder Paul Galvin, and the personal code that he lived by.

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