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            After reviewing the case at Motorola, we can clearly see that Robert Galvin is concerned with employee training. He is unsatisfied with the current training scheme provide to the top executives at the company, but the rest of the board does not share Galvin's enthusiasm. Galvin is caught in the dilemma of forgoing the company's short-term performance versus long-term productivity.
             The culture at Motorola is more open and lateral. Motorola empowers its employees, hence allowing them to fix problems as they occur instead of going through a whole lot of red tape. With this type of culture in place, Galvin requires his employees to possess the superior skills and confidence required to do their job, skills and confidence, which can only be acquired by the proper training.
             Another reason for his proposal was the increasing competition from the rest of the world. To be the "Top dog" Motorola would have to have to educate its work force in the latest technology. If it failed to do so, it would lose its superior position of being the best. .
             Employee training is an investment, an investment that will determine the future of Motorola in times to come. Looking at the financial statement to Motorola I would have to recommend that Galvin go ahead and veto the board, pushing forward with his employee education program. He would have to sacrifice some of Motorola's short-term profit ability to poise the company with a even stable future.

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