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             Motorola mission is to provide integrated communications and embedded electronic solutions to the customer. This includes two-way radio, messaging, satellite products systems, networking and Internet-access products, semiconductor applications, and cellular communication products and systems. Motorola also manufactures and sells automotive and industrial electronics, printed circuit boards, energy storage systems, and ceramic/quartz electronic components (Multex.com, 2000, p. 1). Motorola strives to be the global leader in all aspects of telecommunication applications.
             Maintaining the lead in the telecommunications industry requires innovation, motivation, and discipline to stay focused on the mission. Accomplishing the mission is extremely important to Motorola and its shareholders. Motorola has set four main objectives to keep the company focused as the industry leader in the new millennium.
             The first objective is global leadership in core businesses. Motorola shifted from "product to market organizations- to putting the customers first. In addition, Motorola employed external leadership talent to key positions, and reassigned thousands of engineers to higher-growth businesses. The realignment of personnel increased the digital wireless telephone unit sales by 85 percent (Motorola, 2000, p. 16).
             The second objective is total solutions through alliances. Many of these key business alliances are enabling Motorola to bring the Internet to the wireless arena. Motorola led the development of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), which standardized the way wireless telephones access and displays Internet content. WAP is supported by more than 175 of the world's leading telecommunications and software companies. .
             Motorola has merged with General Instrument Corporation, which integrates broadband technologies to deliver the vast potential of video, voice and data networking to the home.

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