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Ethical Decisions and Communication -Making Model

             Ethics and morality are concepts that have been debated since the beginning of cognitive reasoning. The idea that as a human culture we have developed a sense of right and wrong. The growth of civilization, modernization and the development in technology has resulted also in the deteriorating of morality and ethics in communication within the business community as a whole (Groarke, 2015). This can be seen when editors manipulate videos and pictures, use of unreliable sources, or practice sensationalism over journalism. As we look at some of these ethics models it is important to keep in mind that there may be more than one way to approach and fully understand ethics. It is the idea that as a culture and as a people we should be growing more fully aware of ethics (Christans, Fackler, et all 2012).
             Roles Ethics Play in Communication.
             The communication industry over the years has suffered from a growing indifference to a culturally motivated moral relativism. Everywhere you turn someone is challenging the norm, pushing the boundaries of the "stereotype". At what point to we set true boundaries at which they cannot be crossed. Ethics is awareness; reasoning without restrictions of outside influences. The ability to develop a field with people who have knowledge of what is wrong and right. Because of this, in communication, it allows colleagues to have faith and trust amongst themselves (Casmir, 2013). This creates an improvement and understanding in creating efficient and productive decisions. .
             Ethics enhances professionalism reliable values and protocols are found. These act as a bond, they tend to unify and strengthen the relation amongst workers themselves and with consumers of information. For instance, keeping private information private and not involving another party (Christans, Fackler, et all 2012). .
             Ethical Models.
             1A: Aristotle's Mean.
             The earliest model to be formulated whose main aim of the model was dedicated in speech giving is Aristotle's Mean.

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