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Honesty, Integrity and Leadership

            Leadership is the capability to motivate other people and gather together the resources required for the accomplishment of a common goal. There are some virtues that are widely required for any leader to become successful. Honesty and integrity are the most vital virtues because leaders act as role models to their subordinates. Honesty refers to dissimilar features of moral character. It signifies a virtuous and positive attributes like straightforwardness and truthfulness. Honesty creates trust in any organization and it is basically essential for any leader to be honest. This indicates the absence of cheating, lying or even theft. Integrity on the other hand means always doing the right thing at any given moment irrespective of whether one is being watched. .
             Honesty and integrity are the most vital qualities of leadership in the business world. For one to be a strong leader, he/she must be honest and have integrity. Leaders of great caliber stand for what they believe in and this leads to their success. Jon Huntsman in response to leadership states that there is no shortcut to the game of life and business, but to follow the road of integrity and honesty. He is of the belief that his chemical company which rose from scratch into a billionaire enterprise was a result of complete honesty and integrity (Huntsman, 2005). .
             In the current world of business two of the most cited traits as required to exercise successful leadership are honesty and integrity. In actual fact, a vital point that differentiates a Fortune 500 business from its immediate competitors is the honesty involved in the business and the integrity of making profits and other practices of resource allocation carried out by the owners and the managers (Blanchard, O'Connor, O'Connor, & Ballard, 1997). Leaders that show integrity and honesty are true to themselves and to their respective employees. They learn from their experience and mistakes and they are constantly improving their self worth.

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