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Lord of the Flies and Greek Mythology

            On the surface, one would think that the mythical Greek society surely would have nothing in common with that of the young boy society from the Lord of the Flies. The first being seemingly older and wiser, living a lifestyle that consists of great powers. The second being seemingly young and foolish, living helplessly trapped on a deserted island. However, if one looks beyond that surface and beyond the obvious settings, it's not difficult to notice they actually do share several similar characteristics. Both societies were based off a relatively basic social hierarchy, they each had their sides of good verses bad people, and ultimately death plagued those who questioned authority in both the society from Greek mythology and in Lord of the Flies.A hierarchy is an organization, or society, whose members are arranged in ranks of power or seniority. In Greek mythology, this ranking starts at the lowest level of humans to demi-gods to gods, and finally to the titans. The god, Prometheus, created mankind, and ever since then, humans have been at the very bottom of this authoritative hierarchy. Typically, when a god or goddess would have an affair with a human, the ramification would be a demi-god. These demi-gods would not be immortal like humans, but would likely hold some kind of power like that of a god. Being part god gives them a status higher than humans, but still with less ranking than a full god himself. Gods were believed to posses immense power, such as the ability to control the seas, sky, and even the underworld. The only other higher and more powerful figure known to man would be the titans. They came first and head the hierarchy of Greek mythology. .
             In the Lord of the Flies, the social hierarchy is similar, but on a much smaller scale than the one in Greek mythology. At the bottom of the ranks are the Littluns, who are the youngest on the island, and depend on the older boys to help them survive day-to-day.

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