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            In the following essay, I shall compare Georges Seurat's "Une Baignade à Asnieres" and Paul Gauguin's "The Vision after the Sermon". Seurat's " Une Baignade à Asnieres" shows in comparison the massive sense of form, which corresponded to the art of dividing and separating colors. This was a move past impressionism, though there is an Impressionist feeling in the landscaping with the river distance, the Courbevoie Bridge and the smoking factory chimneys of the industrial Paris suburb of Asnieres. This great creation, for which Seurat had made so many prior drawings and oil studies, was painted with an extensive, smooth and even brush strokes placed on top of one another, in a palette of ochres and more bright colors. This is a vague work, introducing summer heat. We feel the routine of the atmosphere and the dullness of the scenery. The light in the painting stands out more heavily than the shadows. Only the boy who is cupping his hands to make a sound like a boat horn breaks the summer silence. The arrangements of black and white colors, dark and light tones, straight and curving lines are very explicit in the painting. The light, the sun, the sky, the trees, the buildings, people swimming and the boats moving along in the background points out the heavy heat of a summer day. .
             Paul Gauguin's "Vision after the Sermon" show's the primitive and fundamental aspect of art. In defining primitivism when it resembles Gauguin's work, is that its overly simplified in every way the painting being simply made without the need of complete and thorough detail to explain the Gauguin's thought process of the spectator. This style of bright colors could also fall in the same classification as it being primitive. This defines the idea of primitivism as it being in the fore corner against elegant painting. Primitive painting always seems to carry the look of truth and reality. The appeal of "Vision after the Sermon" is rather direct and straightforward when it explains its style of flawlessness.

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