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Work Patterns and Social Factors

            There are various patterns of work in which an individual may shift from overtime. These include: Full time, part time, casual work, working remotely, job share, seasonal work, contract, shift work, voluntary, permanent, temporary and self employed. Individuals change their work patterns and the relationship between these are evidently impacted by a number of social factors including, education, gender perceptions, government policies, family circumstances, employment/unemployment, economics and technology. .
             Technology .
             In modern society, technology is constantly evolving and improves efficiency assisting individuals in their jobs. Technology is a positive aspect in the workforce as it has made jobs easier for individuals as they are now able to perform tasks better with technological assistance. Such is clear through the use of computers as majority of paperwork is done electronically. However by utilizing these new forms of technology, has meant that machines now do the same amount of work in a faster time frame. This accounts for the reduction of availability of unskilled labour, but increases the availability of more skilled workers to service technical operations. This social factor has positively impacted individuals as technology has now allowed for employees to work remotely. An advantage as working online and not physically in the workplace has eased off the pressure and individuals are able to balance family and work. For example a new mother can both look after her child and work online via the Internet and still get the job done. This impacts on their economic wellbeing as the individual is still occupied in work and therefore earning an income, hence they will be satisfied with their economic wellbeing, seeing as they are able to provide the needs for their family. By having the technology and able to work remotely, this positively impacts on their emotional wellbeing as they are working in an environment they enjoy around their family and friends, maintaining a work life balance.

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