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Principles of a Healthy Lifestyle

            In the modern world, where even a simple trip to the bus may be the cause of a nervous breakdown, conducting a healthy way of life is of special relevance. It is important to understand that a healthy lifestyle is not healthy physical exercises in the morning, but a number of other vital principles, among which and harmonious relations with their close people, friends, colleagues and even strangers. One of the main principles of healthy lifestyle, no doubt, is the proper care for your body. Observance of rules of personal hygiene should be inviolable Covenant of any person. The rules, which we are taught from childhood in the family, kindergarten, elementary school. It is necessary to eat only washed and clean products, do not abuse the meat and junk food. In time to attend such doctors as dentists and other specialists in the field of medicine. Also, each person should possess skills of primary health care. Do not self-medicate, and timely consult a doctor. That's quite a few rules that have to be observed.
             In order to be healthy, a person needs to lead an active way of life. The principle of «movement» should become the main in the life of every man. Physical exercises in the morning, classes in the gym. Not to expose the body too high physical loads. On the contrary physical stress on the body should be determined according to the age and physiological features. Access to the pool, specialized sports, participation in different sporting events, contests, events must be in the list of obligatory works of man, leading healthy way of life. Parents should from childhood to teach their children to physical education and sports. For schoolchildren and students visit the lessons of physical culture should be mandatory. Without exercise it is impossible to full-scale development and functioning of the human organism. Sport helps to get rid of pain and fatigue in the muscles after a day of work, to get a charge of positive emotions and improve muscle tone at the beginning of the day.

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