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My Sister and Her Opportunities

            I believe my sister should go to college in order to have better opportunities in life, to be educated and to have a career. Every time she sees me doing all those essays, she give ups. She tells me "that is why I'm not going to college because you have to work really hard." She doesn't feel capable of completing the work at college level. I want to encourage my sister that if she goes to college she would have better opportunities in life. I want her to at least get an associated degree. My sister is bipolar and she does not feel intelligent enough to handle college. She might not be that intelligent but she is beautiful and good at fixing things. She always has been good at building things. She constructed by herself the double-bed that is in my house. I always try tell her that she needs to find a career relate to that and get at least train. In the future she would have better opportunities to find a job. In addition, right now I'm concern that she doesn't even finish high school. I'm always trying to encourage her to keep studying.
             In college, students get educated and I want my sister to be taught the same way as I'm. Student who go to college tend to speak different that those who don't. In a future that can help her to interact with others in an appropriate way. The reason why I want her to speak appropriate English is because she learns the English from the streets. She knows how to speak English and Spanish but she does not know how to write and speak neither of the language properly.
             I want my sister to have a career. The education you get from college is something that anybody can't take away from you. For example, if she finishes an associate's degree, later in life she can keep studying and work to get a bachelor's degree. With a college diploma she can work in anytime of her life. For example, if she is a nurse in a hospital but she wants to quit and she stops working for five or six years.

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