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Short Story - The Nice Neighborhood

            The neighborhood was as quiet and spacious as an empty attic on this particular autumn night. The sky was a deep dark blue color and seemed as calm as the neighborhood that night. From afar, the streetlights beamed a beautiful aurora that appeared to hug the oceanic sky. The sky seemed to glow and act like a large mirror as it reflected colors from the lights. The sky fused with the buildings and trees around it as if they were one with each other. The deep blue in the sky was the color of a sea at night and was calm as a sleeping baby even though there was a slight drizzle in the vicinity. The colors and tints danced in the sky like participants in a ballroom dance class, and the leaves occasionally fell from the towering trees like raindrops from the immense upper atmosphere. The streets that were glazed from mist resembled a shallow lake with its stillness. The ground was littered with an abundance of dew, and piles of leaves from the shedding trees. The town seemed to be trapped between two mirrors because the road imitated the sky with its w .
             The air smelled of humidity, wet plants, and rich soil which complimented the natural vibe in the upper-class neighborhood. The only sound in the little town audible was the soothing hum of electricity from the streetlights, the low murmur of few chirping birds, and the soft earthy breeze rustling the damp, yellow, brown, and red colored leaves that speckled the trees all around the streets of the vibrantly colored community. A cool light mist covered the entire neighborhood like cleaning spray on patio glass, which gave every object in sight its own unique glimmer and luminosity. The local library that was posted on the corner was equipped with three rows of windows and appeared to have three floors; only the middle row of windows had lights shining through, the rest were dark and gloomy as if certain areas in the library were vacant with the exception of one window on the top row which was also brightly illuminated.

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